Backup Outlook email folder tree on Thunderbird profile

Hi everybody,

in this period I’m changing job and then I was faced with a big problem: how can I save all Outlook messages and folders?
(I think that can be useful hold with me a backup of work communications and messages for a couple of years.)

So, I looked for some guides to backup all the data but Outlook (my version is 2010) permits to save in *.pst format only, a MS format recognized just from few software and mainly from MS software.
But after many searches on Google I discover these steps to save all messages and structure on Thunderbird:

1. Install Thunderbird version 31 or previous
It is necessary because later versions don’t support the Import of data from Outlook.

2. Import data from Outlook
It could be done by Thunderbird menu Tools->Import->Mail, then select Outlook; and wait that process finish.

3. Install add-on ImportExportTools
ImportExportTools is a useful add-on of Thunderbird to import or export data and profile to/from Thunderbird.
You can found it here

4. Export profile
Using the ImportExportTools menu, you can export the user profile, that means all the structures, folders and messages present in Thunderbird.
Once saved the profile you can move that profile where you want: it is just a special folder tree with special files readable by Thunderbird.

5. Import profile into Thunderbird
To open a saved profile, just open a Thunderbird with ImportExportTools addon installed, and select Tools->ImportExportTools->Import profile, inserting a name for the profile to recognize it after.

6. Open your profile into Thunderbird
If you don’t see your messages recovered, close Thunderbird and reopen by command line, using the command
$ thunderbird -p that opens the window profile selection: here you can select the profile with the name gived and then you should see the recovered messages.



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