remote Xfce4 desktop on ArchLinux

Hi everybody!

Few weeks ago I installed Arch linux on my RaspberryPI, to try this particular distro. ArchLinux is a “nerd” distro of Linux, where you must setup every single part that you need to use.
(You can find instructions to setup ArchLinux on Raspberry here)

In this post I don’t want to explain the setup of every single parts into ArchLinux, because there are already many guides for that (best guide is, but I want to talk about a particular situation like mine, where there is a Raspberry PI without monitor and keyboard, with only the ethernet cable to talk with any user, and the need to use the GUI of the Raspberry.
So the question is how get remote Xfce4 desktop on ArchLinux through SSH terminal?.

For first, you need to connect to your remote SSH terminal and install Xorg and Xfce4 on the machine. You also need to install vncserver provided by the package tigervnc.

After that, you only need to create the file ~/.vnc/xstartup (if already exists, delete it and create a new file), and into that file you must write:

exec /bin/sh /etc/xdg/xfce4/xinitrc

that starts an Xfce4 session at every VNC connection of the user owner of that home sub-folder.

The last operation to do is to start on the remote machine a vnc remote desktop, using the command

$ vncserver

that print the number ID of the new remote desktop created.
Then, you can connect to that remote desktop using a simple VNC program, like xvnc4viewer or the graphical remote desktop client remmina of Ubuntu, using as remote IP the format <remoteIP>:<dekstopID> like this:

or, otherwise if you need to setup the connection PORT, you only have to sum the standard VNC port 5900 to the ID of the desktop (if the new desktop created is the number 2 the remote port will be 5902).

Enjoy! 😉


PS: to delete the created remote dekstop (for example the desktop 2), the command is

$ vncserver -kill :2


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  1. adrian says:

    Tks for the exp. fare away MEICO =) tsk

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