Tunneling SSH

If you are in a work space where the outgoing server blocks all the connection, except for the only that it know as safe, but you want to connect to a your HTTP server, to use some services -like Pyload, usually blocked because it use the port 8080-, you only need the port 22 open on the outgoing server (is usually open, for LAN debugs) and the public IP address of your remote server.

Then, you can redirect all the HTTP traffic from the server into the SSH tunnel, like that:
$ ssh user@ -L 12345:

This is only an example, so now all the traffic that the remote server (here is usually send to the port 8000 or 8080 is redirect into the ssh tunnel. Now, I can only open my preferred browser, and at the standard address “” I find my server application!

So note that the port 12345 is a random number, but it must not be a used port number on your system.

So, enjoy!!   😉


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